Eras, Materials, and Styles in Dollhouse Furniture

Dollhouse Furniture: Victorian Era

Out of the many differing styles Victorian dollhouse furniture is by far the most popular. Victorian dollhouse furniture has the classic feel of the Victorian era – curved and rounded lines, high ended backs, and prominent detailed legs. A dollhouse filled with Victorian dollhouse furniture will be the envy of any hobbits and truly worth displaying on your own living room.

Kitchen Dollhouse Furniture

The variety within dollhouse kitchen sets is enormous: you can purchase just two or three necessary pieces, or you can choose a luxurious roomful-and everything in between A table and chairs are important to have in your kitchen if your dollhouse will not have a dining room. Also, keep in mind that many of the most fun dollhouse accessories belong in the kitchen (pots and pans, dollhouse food, etc.), so make sure your kitchen will be able to display them.

Using Porcelain in Dollhouse Furniture

What comes to mind when you think of porcelain? The simple truth is china, and the reason is that porcelain was first discovered around the 600s in china. It has been the material of choice for plates, potter, dishes, and “china”. Fortunately for the miniature enthusiast it also works extremely well with dollhouse furniture. The most common areas that porcelain is found in dollhouses is in the accessories and bathroom furniture kits.

Metal Dollhouse Furniture high gloss funiture 

Metal is a great dollhouse furniture medium that can bring some realistic qualities to specific dollhouse pieces. Take barbecues for example, I mean you dolls need some space for the good old hot dogs and hamburgers don’t they. Outdoors is not the only place to find metal material for a dollhouse, you will also see it in the electrical work, and laundry room.

Walnut Material for Dollhouse Furniture

Walnut wood grows very slowly and hence has a very colorful and strong grain. Its color is softer than mahogany and fits traditional dollhouses very well. It is seen in most bedroom and kitchen sets as the material of choice. Walnut is also great due to its durable nature.

Dollhouse funiture Scales: Half Inch

Dollhouse scales are a way for you to know that the furniture you are buying will fit your dollhouse. If the scale is half inch or quarter inch, it will say so in the title; all other items are on a one inch scale.

This furniture piece has a half inch scale, otherwise known as 1:24. Every inch of dollhouse furniture is equivalent to 24 inches of real furniture. In this scale, half an inch of dollhouse furniture corresponds to one foot of real furniture (i.e., a 4-inch long dollhouse table would be 8 feet in real life). 1 inch and quarter inch are examples of other dollhouse scales.

If you do not know the scale of furniture you need for your dollhouse, use a ruler to determine the floor-to-ceiling height on the bottom floor of your dollhouse. An 8-12 inch height means it is built on a 1 inch scale. Heights between 4-6 inches indicate a half inch scale; heights between 2-3 inches indicate a quarter inch scale.

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