Marketing Beer Mugs Responsibly

As common as forks and spoons, beer mugs actually date back to 10,000 BC, the Stone Age! Indeed, people from different parts of the world, from different civilizations have been drinking ever since long, long time ago. The Egyptians believed Osiris was the one who created beer, a gift and necessity of life. Babylon’s Code of Hammurabi not only mentioned alcohol, it was given a relatively high attention. The Babylonians even worshipped a wine goddess and offered wine and beer to their gods. Alike Babylonians, The Chinese offered their gods alcoholic beverages as well. In fact, they believed alcohol was prescribed by heaven. In a nutshell, alcoholic beverages were perceived as sacred beverages.

Now, let’s look at the society today. When someone Personalized By Kate mentions alcohol, what flashes into your mind? Well, the top of mind for most would be drink, drank, drunk and drunk. It seems that alcoholic beverages are not as sacred as they used to be anymore. Thus, pressure has been given to the alcohol industry. In some countries, publicity and advertising of alcoholic beverages are prohibited. These many restrictions are not placed for fun. There are sound reasons behind these acts such as excessive and underage drinking which are not only harmful to health but to the society as well, example, the rise of juvenile crimes. Marketing these beverages is now tougher and more challenging than ever as what is left is below the line marketing. Below the line marketing is where our dear beer mugs come in. Here, they play a splendid role as they are both useful as barware and promotional items. So, how to market beer mugs responsibly?

Well, there are few ways to look into. First of all, when you market your beer mugs for a certain brand to create brand awareness, engrave the mugs with creative wordings which encourage responsible drinking and discourage underage drinking. A copy writer could come in place to come up with a catchy tagline while a designer to design the placement of the words or even your beer mug. Though such custom made beer mugs would be costly in production, they would certainly stand out from the crowd, enhancing the beer company’s social responsibility image at the same time. Nowadays, consumers go for designers’ collections and items which are unique. Thus, such meaningful and useful beer mugs will certainly make it to the top. It is an investment worth investing in. Moreover, a great image and reputation is something money cannot buy.

Alternatively, beer marketers can come up with drinking awareness campaigns and contests. Get teenagers under 18 to participate. Their challenge would be to come up with beer mugs which discourage underage and excessive drinking. Participants would be rewarded. The winner gets to sign his or her signature on the beer mug which would be marketed world wide and probably be the campaign or brand ambassador. This is not only educational; it would be much cheaper than getting copywriters and designers in place or a celebrity to be your brand ambassador.

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